Analogue Photography

A picture is still and a picture is moving
Taking photos on film fits my intuitive way of working.
The material is sensual and it is surprising,
because of the light reacting with the chemical layer on the roll inside the body of the camera
I can only slightly imagine the final outcome of the picture
the longer I work with a certain camera, a certain light
I get closer to imagine the outcome but its always predicting
a space for what it might be due to the various factors involving the film in the development process
hunting for situations crucial to how we understand life composed by moments, these can be very personal to the photographer
the camera is taking a picture, it is inbetween
The memory is strong and the moment is gone
and inbetween there is the speed of a shutter
the photograph later reminds of meaning
meaning that is as long as you remember and as short
as the format and context it gets as proof? as a splinter of time
nothing nothing else than that bird flying what bird?
something that never really existed and still exists
made by a mechanism and an impulse,
by a chaotic technique and a bunch of thoughts

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